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  1. Hullo my name is Christopher de Vere and I am researching my family tree , I saw the programme on the de Veres some time ago here in Australia and I love the boar you have done based on the origional one , would it be possible to get another one for our family here , regards Chris.

    • Thank you very much Gary. I’m very glad my work resonates with you. Are you an artist too? I’d love to hear from what angle you come from.

      Your comment comes just as the subject of self expression is very much in my mind -I’ve always worked to commission where the aim of the client is always at the forefront and – if push comes to shove – takes precedence over my own artistic urge. However, my New Year’s resolution is to go ‘off-road’ and make work that gives free rein to self-expression.

      A gallery owner, whose opinion I very much respect, urged me to make my own work, though to be honest I don’t know where I will start… I’ve always found it really fulfilling to try and express other people’s very personal thoughts…It’s felt like a huge privilege to do so.

      Without the dictates of a client I’m not sure as yet what form my personal work will take, though I’m sure it will be figurative. I hope it will resonate with others and give them the sense of warmth and empathy… that they are not alone- whether it be on a spiritual level, or just that others feel similar instincts. To dare to so, to conquer the fear of seeming trite, is my mission!

      Your kind words are encouraging and much appreciated!
      :>) Lucy

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