Watch my 6 minute PechaKucha presentation

Lucy 2 cropped

My fast and furious 6 minute PechaKucha slide-show presentation is now available to watch on-line. I found it hard at first to talk about such a sensitive subject as memorial commissions – with a raised voice to a large audience – but after a faltering start, I find my pace and cover many points.

**If you like my PechaKucha presentation, please click the black hand symbol by the slide-show – my commissions come from all over the world, and ‘applauding’ my work will help reach a wider audience.

Many thanks! :>)

If you haven’t already, you might like to read the post I wrote about how preparing for the presentation prompted a huge and useful stock-take of my work and the direction I’m going. I thoroughly recommend that everyone should take part in such a distilled presentation of themselves!

2 thoughts on “Watch my 6 minute PechaKucha presentation

  1. Lucy, I very much enjoyed listening to your presentation. I think you did great service to the important role artists such as yourself can play in the lives of people. I also appreciate your advice to others to go through the difficult but beneficial process of thinking deeply about the nature and meaning of their work. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks Dave. It’s strange and crazy how easy it is to avoid taking stock of one’s life and the direction of one’s work…. probably because it can be an excruciating thing to do (if done carefully and honestly) BUT IT’S SUCH A USEFUL THING TO DO 🙂

    Check out whether these PechaKucha events are going on near you – I would love to hear you give a presentation about your finely crafted and beautiful work –

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