Work in progress on my next commission: Mother and Daughter sculpture

F  B

Here are some photos of the maquette I’m working on for my next commission –  a commemorative sculpture based on a photograph of a mother and daughter hugging.


This model shows the work in progress.  As it’s in clay I have the chance to try out ideas and work out proportions before I cut into a block of stone. I still need to sort out the left arm, but as a whole the sculpture is more or less in place. The hair is smooth like a hood here but I’ll add texture to it in stone – it’s not helpful to try and show such intricate details at this stage because clay handles so differently to stone.  From experience I know that features like this resolve themselves in the carving, and that it’s important to leave some room to play – this stops the final sculpture from looking like a mere reproduction and gives it a life of it’s own.


This maquette shows the top half of my sculpture. I’ll use a tall block of stone and leave the lower half uncarved so the square base will work as a plinth. Proportionally this will mirror the size of the carved area and accord with the natural size of the figures.

My next step is to make a mould of this maquette and cast it in plaster giving me a more durable copy to work from. And then onward in stone  :>)

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