Thoughts on work for the new year.

I must say that I am counting the days until the school holidays come to an end and I can begin to carve again.  I've been peeping into my workshop over the holidays and looked longingly at my idle tools…The otter commission is in the early stages of masonry on my work banker and is waiting to take shape. 

There will be 3 students in my studio next weekend for a Stone Carving Workshop, which will be a refreshing way to start to the year.  More courses are being scheduled – not just stone, but also a Bone Carving Workshop.   I use beef bone, not ivory, which is a beautiful and readily available material.  It's great to be able to make something beautiful out of a material that would otherwise be cast aside. 

My proposal for a sculpture of Mary Magdalene is popular with the staff at the school, and is now in the hands of the school governors (who have ultimate control of the purse strings).   I hope very much that the project will go ahead; I love commissions of a religious or historical nature, either private devotional pieces or within a church or school setting where the piece will become part of the fabric of the environment.

What I love about stone in particular, and art in general, is that despite having no contact with the artist or artisan, your heart can leap in warm recognition of a shared sentiment, just by looking at the tool marks that form the in-animate material.   Stonework is often public and unattributed – you can just as easily stumble on such a connection in a street as in a museum, and this anonymous handshake with the past is thrilling. I hope in my work that I am able to express a human aspect that viewers (not all, but some) might connect to, and give them a sense of recognition or warmth. 

Best wishes for the new year, Lucy

Lucy Churchill
24 Langham Road
Cambridge CB1 3SE
Phone +44 (0) 1223 213546


One thought on “Thoughts on work for the new year.

  1. Bonsoir Lucy, ce message va peut-être t’étonner, j’ai essayé ton e-mail mais ma messagerie ne veut rien savoir, aussi j’essaye un autre chemin. Tout d’abord, bonne et heureuse année à toi et toute ta famille, bonheur, santé et réussite… J’ai visité ton site et découvert tes réalisations que je trouve à la fois classiques et très modernes et surtout très maitrisées. J’aime beaucoup ce que tu fais et ce que tu écris, réfléchi, sensible et sincère. Et ce soir j’ai osé t’écrire, vive internet ! J’ai des nouvelles de temps en temps par tes parents et la dernière fois j’ai renconté Nick. Le temps a passé très vite et nos souvenirs communs remontent à des années lumière. J’espère que tu vas bien. ici je ne vais pas m’étendre sur ma petite vie, je voullais juste avoir un e-mail où pouvoir te joindre si cela ne t’ennuie pas. A bientôt, Marie Paule.

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