Madonna and child


I started the day by going to see my youngest daughter’s Christmas festival at her kindergarten.  It had live tableaus – the staff dressed up as shepherds, kings etc, and the climax was a real baby wrapped up and laid in the crib (one of the kindergarten kid’s new sibling). It took me by surprise, and it moved me alot.

I had already planned to spend my workday modelling a madonna and child in clay.  My intention was to base the sculpture on the Anglo Saxon saint figures that I carved previously for a client.  However, I think that morning’s live tableaus seeped into me, and instead I veered ‘off road’.   Instead of making a historically accurate figure, I modelled something that was much more personal and modern in style.  Not that all my past thinking and observations were wasted, just held more freely… I hope that the finished carving will ring many bells.



One thought on “Madonna and child

  1. Thanks Bernie :>) I read that out to Phoebe, and then commented that i had based the figure on my own mothering style… needless to say she laughed like a drain! :>)

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